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Daisy Farms - Strawberry Heaven

Fresh strawberries & U-Pick strawberries are all gone for this year. We look forward to seeing you again around the 1st of June 2011. Have a berry nice summer !!!

Wholesale Fresh Strawberries for sale to commercial customers

FRESH, TASTY, beautiful strawberries are available at Daisy Farms from approximately June 1st thru June 30th.  Mother Nature dictates the exact dates, so check back on this page to get the latest info on when we will start picking this year.  


These are Honeoye, and they taste as good as they look.


You can buy strawberries that we have picked, or you can pick your own. Please bring your own containers if you are going to pick them yourself.  It's really a lot of fun. 

We also wholesale fresh strawberries to commercial customers - roadside markets, fruit stands, groceries and restaurants.


How do I freeze my berries?

Place whole or cut berries directly into freezer bags or boxes (without sugar if you are counting calories) or coat the berries with sugar. You may also like to try freezing whole berries by putting them in a single layer on a cookie sheet for about one hour, and then pack them in bags or boxes.

Click here  for some of our favorite strawberry recipes.



                   Frances Daisy

           Inspecting fresh strawberries






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